The Core Objective Of Leaders Making Academy

“No one can do everything, but everyone can do something, In a way nobody else can do it “

A majority of us fall into the vicious cycle of learning and earning for survival and sustenance. It is not necessary that all of us become doctors or engineers. There is a world of opportunities waiting for us to explore. There are immense career possibilities and it needs a little self-exploration and introspection to realize what we are good at and work on our strengths, with passion and Success will have no choice but to follow us.

We have 64 art forms in this world, to name a few: music, dance, public speaking etc. There is a hidden talent in every one of us. However, we don’t give enough pause and thought in our lives to explore the hidden talent. 95% of the people in this world fall trap in the vicious cycle, fearing the basic needs, EDUCATION & HEALTH. They have an inherent phobia from generations together that, if they pursue their interest who will take care of their family in terms of basic needs,education and health.

India runs on the wheels of 2 Categories of Leaders ..One is Political leaders who run the nation and the other is Business Leaders Who help in the nation’s economic growth to run the nation.Our courses are meticulously designed in a way to make true leaders in the above 2 categories . We need True Leaders ,who strive to provide Basic needs,Food,Clothes and Shelter !!! at a minimum price. India really needs genuine leaders to make India a nation of affordable “Education & Health”, which is reachable to all sections of people with good standards. So that people can pursue their passion and create wonders, thereby leading India into a great nation in all walks and in all forms.

These courses are designed to meet the same vision.

  • To help you explore the real ‘You’, to discover your strength and enjoy the field that you really like by putting your head, heart and hand.
  • To masterize public speaking art which is the key and basic quality of a good leader.
  • To help in becoming a true leader to lead India to a better and beautiful nation.
  • To help you in choosing the (B)right career choice after 10th and 12th.

Leaders Makging Academy Primarily Focuses on the Following Courses

1) Build on your Best ..Self Exploration Workshop ..helps you to identify your innate talent

2) It’s your turn to speak ….Public Speaking Workshop which will help you ..Learn to Speak in Public ..Learn to Express

3) Leader in everyone … It is an Leadership Development Programme ,Covers Team Building too.

4) Clarity on Choosing (B)right Career Choice after 10th and 12th …Guides you to turn your passion into profession.

5) Discover your strength ..Design your life ..Signature Course from our Academy ..Instills Confidence and change your outlook towards life.

6) The Entrepreneur ..Start to Startup ….It is an Complete Entrepreneurship Development Programme ..Covers from Idea to IPO.

Build On Your Best

It's Your Turn to Speak

Leader... One In Everyone

Clarity On Choosing
Bright Career Choice
After 10th and 12th


Our Vision

To make everyone, realise the value of human potential for an enriched life & a beautiful world.

Our Mission

To strive and fulfill the vision through interactive sessions & workshops, to bring a Positive change in the society.

Our Values

Be Good, Do Good and Feel Good.

  • So, are you ready to discover your strength and design your life
  • Be a part of our mission and become a partner in prgress for an enriched life and a beautiful world
  • Your thoughts should always match with being good,doing good and feeling good.
  • Never Compromise on your values as your value is the sum of all your values.Stay committed to your values.
  • Purity of Heart and Clarity of mind gives the surety for life.

Leaders Making Academy

To help you explore the real ‘You’