About Pendyala Prasad

Mr. Pendyala Prasad is a software engineer with over 20 years of experience in IT industry and is currently working for an MNC in Hitec City, Hyderabad. This is one side of this multifaceted personality and another side of him is his penchant for bringing about a positive change in the society through proactive initiatives, inspirational talks and public motivation. To him, anything that involves public participation is an opportunity to interact with people and influence them through his oratory skills and active involvement. He has been organising social activities like, blood donation camps, 5K runs, seminars and motivational talks on the need for water conservation, preserving the green belt around residential townships and cities, importance of organic farming, proper sanitation facilities, segregation of dry and wet waste, Swachha Bharat Abhiyaan, seminars on Solar Energy and ‘Say NO to Plastic’ drive, to name a few. He proudly calls himself as the ‘agent of change’.

He has penned three books. Two of these have a rural backdrop. One was about the projects at the village level and the other was on the need to have green villages. The third one was with title: ”Clarity on Choosing (B)right career choice after 10th and 12th. And At present he is penning down a book on individual development and is titled, “Discover your strength“…. Design your life .

He is an avid reader. He loves training, writing, travelling and grooming individuals, who, he believes are the unit of change in the society. He practices, what he preaches. His mission in life is to bring about a positive change in at least a hundred villages and trigger a chain reaction that snowballs into a revolution that transforms our society.

He is fond of ending his speech with the words, “I aspire to inspire before I expire!” .